• success through leadership and drive
  • methods of coping with vexations
  • caring for your appearance
  • new projects and changes


  • making decisions based on facts
  • displaying optimism and vitality
  • trying to be more likeable
  • taking hold of problems


  • arguing with those close to you
  • pushing too hard to get ahead
  • showing egotism, selfishness
  • using authority unwisely

With the Sun in your solar first house until the 21st, you’ll be focusing on personal goals. Getting more fun out of life will be a priority on the 1st, a day that favors creative interests and the enjoyment of leisure pastimes.


You may make educational or travel plans on the 11th, whereas the 16th is an excellent day for promoting yourself and your ideas. Days when you may meet with minor obstacles or delays in connection with your personal plans are the 3rd, 5th (Full Moon), 8th, and 14th. However, with Mercury, your ruler, also in your first house, your self-confidence is likely to soar in this month when you’ll realize many of your objectives. You may enthrall a captive audience with your charm and good humor on the 5th, a day for social success. Good aspects between Mercury and Jupiter on the 5th and 18th indicate you’ll have success in getting some new projects off the ground. The 8th and 14th are also days of success, happiness, and fulfillment. Don’t let success go to your head on the 12th–you could easily take on more than you can handle. On the 25th, there are indications that through the combination of inspiration and practicality you will succeed in making many of your dreams come true.

With the Sun in your second house after the 20th, your focus will be on financial interests and shopping. Choose the solar eclipse on the 21st for purchasing big-ticket items and for launching new moneymaking ventures. The 30th may bring important career developments, perhaps a raise in salary, a bonus, or a new job offer. However, you may need to guard against unwise spending on the 23rd, 24th, 27th, and 29th. With Venus in your eleventh house until the 6th, you’ll enjoy a sparkling social life and your love life will blossom. Romance will be passionate when Venus trines Mars in your seventh house on the 2nd, a day when some singles will be swept off their feet romantically. However, adverse aspects involving Venus in your twelfth house after the 5th warn against jealousy and romantic tiffs, especially on the 14th and 25th. If single, be wary of those who are already involved or who are not sincere on both the 14th and 30th.

You may formulate exciting new plans for your future that may include education or travel when Uranus in your ninth house is favorably aspected on the 15th, 17th, and 19th. Difficult aspects involving Pluto in your seventh house on the 4th, 5th, and 19th indicate the need to make some adjustments in your relationship with a loving tie.

April monthly astrology forecast

In previous months, Mars has aligned with Pluto and Saturn. In April, the conjunction alignment between Neptune and Mars takes center stage. When Mars and Neptune align, the possibilities are several. On a collective level, one of the most obvious expressions of this alignment is dealings and affairs that have a secretive, undermining quality. One, Neptune can act as the ultimate saboteur to the plans and goals associated with Mars. Thus, either through a nation’s own efforts or through the will of another, agendas and willpower can be completely sabotaged. Two, individuals who experience Neptune transiting their natal Mars often report that their will or action appears dispersed or scattered. One a collective level, the same can hold true. Large-scale endeavors may appear nebulous or simply lacking focus. Finally, Neptune-Mars aspects can engage an increased need toward action with a higher purpose, with a sense of religious or transcendental aspirations.

We cannot look at the Mars-Neptune aspect in isolation, for in reality Mars will activate the larger and more influential Jupiter-Neptune trine aspect currently active. That is, the dynamic and short-lived potentials of Mars will give a forceful albeit temporary catalyzing to the Jupiter-Neptune aspect. In recent months, the Jupiter-Neptune trine has been associated with global attempts toward peace and alliance building. In April, Mars will make the peace-loving dynamic of the Jupiter-Neptune trine that much more obvious. However, on another level, the transit will arguably destabilize or weaken national agendas-both possibilities are likely to manifest.

April and October 2005 are the months of this year that witness eclipses. April boasts two eclipses, a solar hybrid eclipse on the 8th and a lunar appulse eclipse on the 24th. As the name implies, a hybrid eclipse is a synthesis of a total and an annular eclipse, meaning, from some locations the eclipse appears to be total, in others only an annular, or penumbral eclipse. As this eclipse lands on Venus, this may very well implicate relationship issues, particularly with individuals with the Sun, Moon, or Venus in mid-to-late Aries. The lunar appulse eclipse occurring in late April occurs in the Scorpio-Taurus axis. As solar eclipses (occurring under New Moons) are typically an initiation of an experience, lunar eclipses typically are the culmination or ending of an episode or experience.

Slightly before mid-month, Saturn forms a square alignment to Venus. Although more on this alignment’s potentials is articulated in this month’s planetary cycles column, suffice it to say that this may bring relational issues to a complete head-this is only strengthened by the eclipse at mid-month. Square alignments demand resolution to issues which have been lingering or have not been adequately faced. Saturn involved in the square alignment only reinforces this tendency. This may indeed be a time when issues around values, money, and, in particular, relationships need to be faced honestly and with sobering firmness.

Although it is many years in advance, now is an opportune moment to discuss some of the possibilities and potentials of the alignments occurring at the beginning of the next decade, around 2010 and 2011. From time to time, this column and website will devote much energy to these alignments, arguably the most important alignments of the first half of the twenty first century. Without exploring the technical side of these alignments, the alignments suggest a coming to terms with many of the issues that are needing resolution on a global scale. Viewed as a gateway or threshold of energy, certain collective habits, behaviors and structures will survive, but those that are vestigial or past their expiration date will be discarded. Often it is asked if this is an inevitable process, to which one can only respond, can a baby stay in the mother’s womb after hormones are secreted to induce pregnancy?

Although these alignments will be explored in more detail at a later date, suffice it to say that the following represents a short list of the expression of the archetypal configuration:

  • A death-rebirth case scenario in which current structures and behaviors will be forcibly sent through a bottleneck of energy.
  • A psycho-spiritual compression which will induce a sense of extreme intensity and urgency.
  • A collective purgatorial catharsis in which outworn modes of collective expression will have to be negotiated.
  • A head-to-head confrontation between alliances of traditional expression with alliances of progressive or creative expression.

With five years until the beginning of these archetypal configurations, we can safely use our intuition to suggest some concrete particulars that will have to be faced at this time:

  • A need to reconcile an energy crisis catalyzed by the rapidly depleting supply of fossil fuels.
  • Financial crisis or collapse due to out-of-control and unaccounted for debts.
  • The next stage of the cycle of U.S.-world hostilities.
  • Increasing fracture of ideological positions in Western nations.
  • Increase in mega-disasters such as the most recent Tsunami.

The Secret Language of Flowers

The Greeks believed in the spirits of the trees-‘Dryads’ who were said to die when the tree was cut down. These nymphs lived within the tree itself. The medieval Europeans believed in the ‘Mandrake root’ that was said to be in the shape of a man. If it were torn out of the ground, it would scream and bring death to the person who had uprooted it. Mandrake is believed to be ginseng, a plant much favored in China and Japan for centuries also.


Flora, the Greek/Roman Goddess of the Flowers was celebrated in May at her festival, the Floralia. Her worshippers left garlands of flowers at her temples. Botticelli’s, ‘Primavera’ shows Flora wearing a dress covered in flowers and flowers springing up where she walks. The ancient Welsh alphabet was based around the trees, the first letter being Beth, Luis, Nion, for Birch, Rowan and Ash respectively. In the Mabinogion, the book of Welsh myths, the hero-demigods Math and Gwydion gather flowers of oak, broom and meadowsweet to create a wife for the hero Lieu. She is Blodweudd, also associated with Olwen, the May Queen.

In Folktales of Britain, the Celtic nature spirits became faeries through Christianity. Primroses as faery flowers in Wales and Ireland became associated with sinfulness. The English Rose was the Tudor rose, the symbol of King Henry the 8th. It is seen in many British buildings of the period, such as Hampton Court Palace. The rose continued to be among the symbols of Elizabeth I, and can be seen on dresses and jewelry, in paintings of the time. The infamous Wars of the Roses was called so because of the symbols of the factions; white for the House of York and red for the House of Lancaster.

Flowers were also used in recipes such as sugared rose petals and Cowslip pudding. Up until the Industrial revolution, farming communities used flowers for food and medicinal purposes. Herbalism was still an important force in the countryside even in the 19th century. But flower symbolism really took off in the Victorian era. There were symbols for all kinds of flowers, from the wild to the cultivated. The Rose was primary, a sign of love and beauty, as it still is. The White or Madonna Lily also had a long history. Renaissance paintings, often show the Madonna holding lilies, a sign of purity. The use of laudanum and opium as a drug, made the Poppy an important symbol too. Mainly associated with sleep from it’s narcotic property taken from the seed pod, the various colours gave it added meaning. Generally it meant consoling sleep, but the big scarlet blossom of the popular variety symbolized Fantastic Extravagance also. The white poppy symbolized death-a pure sleep.

Nineteenth century painting exploited this symbolism, especially in the works of the Pre-Raphaelites. Late 19th century movements like the Symbolists and Aestheticism used the poppy and the lily especially to represent the polarity of sin and purity. Art Nouveau also used the poppy in jewelry by Lalique and ceramics of the time. The famous Art Nouveau metro entrances of Paris bore lamps that resembled strange flowers; also furniture of the era bore flowers, and flower faeries as lamps.


Pisces 2017 horoscope



Single? Uranus, the planet of the unexpected remains in your sign throughout 2017, so just when you start to give up on love, he’ll come walking up to you in a bar, at the supermarket or on the street. With Venus in your sign in March, you’ll meet someone worth meeting. May is another month when love is in the air – a Taurus is your purrfect match. But it’s the Scorpio you meet in November that steals your heart (maybe for good).

Attached? Mars the planet of passion in your sign in May finds you trying to ‘fix things’ in your relationship. If your partner won’t meet you halfway, you’ll retreat inward. Talking about the things that bother you all year long is a better way of living with your partner harmoniously. Taking a trip overseas together in November is just what you need to discover each other all over again.


If you’re dissatisfied at work, put more effort into your favourite hobbies (which might just become your new career by the end of the year). If you’re stuck behind a desk, consider a career in massage or rehabilitative therapy – you excel at hands on type stuff. Ask for help at work in July when you’re overwhelmed. You’re at your creative best in November.


You get an idea for a money making scheme in February, and while it takes a few months to get off the ground, it’s worth sticking with. Making money out of your hobbies is something you can do too in 2017. Set up a stand in a busy street; sell your jewellery and paintings, get involved in a theater group.

Aquarius 2017 horoscope



Single? Venus in your sign for the month of February attracts plenty of admirers your way, but you’re picky. Don’t pass up a chance to snuggle up with a Libra though. Travel is the best way for you to meet someone special in 05, especially in August whilst on an overseas odyssey where you meet an easy going and independent Sagittarius.

Attached? Your relationship with your partner heats up and gets far more serious mid year. Talking about moving in together turns into trips to IKEA, and you might find yourself getting far more involved with his family and friends. Keeping a sense of self is vital – especially later in the year when you may feel overwhelmed or even trapped. Things lighten up by December, a great month for romance.


Working with and being inspired by your coworkers adds to the thrill of moving forward in leaps and bounds workwise in 05. March is dodgy – avoid signing anything important, but mid April, an office reshuffle or move sees you scoring a top job. Networking in June sets the tone for the rest of the year. Promotions galore in late October and again in December end the year on a high note.


Uranus the planet of the unexpected continues to influence the ebb and flow of money in and out of your life in 2017. Unexpected expenses mid May and again in June put a big dent in your savings. By the end of August, you’ll know what you need to do to restore the balance – out of the red and back in the black baby!

Sagittarius 2017 horoscope



Single? Hooking up with a friend is in the stars for you throughout 2017. April is your hottest dating time of the year, and an Aries you may already know is someone you could very happily settle with (for a while anyway). An overseas love connection midyear leaves you wondering if you should give everything up to be with him? You’ll know the answer late October, when you’re tempted by someone new.

Attached? Sharing your life with someone makes 2017 magical. You’ll flourish in a committed, happy relationship and find ways to have your independence as well as your totally together time as well. If you’ve always dreamt of the perfect home, this is the year to find it and furnish it together. Traveling overseas together will satisfy you too.


Saturn, the headmaster of the zodiac transiting your higher education zone from July 17 onwards encourages you to hit the books and find new ways to make use of your considerable talents and personality. August/September are great months to put in for a transfer – either interstate or overseas if you fancy living in another country all expenses paid.


Combining your artistic flair with a friend’s business acumen is the perfect recipe for extra cash on the side in 2017. You’ll have enough for something you’ve dreamt about for ages by the end of the year.

Scopio 2017 horoscope


Single? You took your love life way too seriously in 04, this year, it’s time to have fun, flirt and date. Venus introduces you to a soulful Pisces in March, and you find yourself getting in way too deep way too fast. Step back and try again in May, when you have a fling with a Capricorn and it’s perfect for what it is. Your soul mate connection happens after October, when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune smiles on you.

Attached? Sorting things out with your partner early in the year is vital. Move on and stop harping on about stuff that happened eons ago. That way, you can enjoy all the blessings Jupiter bestows when he saunters into your sign late October (where he hangs out for 12 months). If you are hoping for the patter of little feet or sound of wedding bells, November is the month to look forward to.


If you’re not really sure about ‘what you want to be when you grow up’, you’ll find out midyear, with the arrival of Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac in your career zone. Challenges at work and being forced to take on a role of greater public visibility and responsibility means that if you’re not suited to whatever it is you’re doing, you’ll quickly find out. If you are in the right gig, the sky’s the limit if you work hard and use your considerable charms to get promoted.


Think outside the box when it comes to making money in 2017 and you’ll be successful. Play it safe though – no dodgy investments or shady deals. After October 24, play lotto religiously.

Libra 2017 horoscope


Single? It’s a lovefest for you ‘love to be in love’ gals, so don’t waste time on losers or unavailable men. If you’re looking to get married or settle down, this is the year you’ll find the man to do it with, as Jupiter the planet of abundance bestows gifts on you through October. July through October rocks romantically and your chances of falling head over uggs increases when you spend time with a Leo and/or an Aquarius.

Attached? You’ll know by July if your partner is ‘the one’ or not. If he is, start planning your wedding. If you realize he isn’t, move on. There is someone else out there far more suited to you. In fact, he could be a coworker or friend born under the sign of Leo.


You’re super ambitious through mid year, then it’s like someone turns off a switch and you slacken off and start feeling disenchanted with the whole climbing the corporate ladder thing. Pity, because you were doing so well! Sticking to something and seeing it through is what will bring you the ultimate success you deserve and have worked for over the past two years. Hang in there – everything pays off in November.


There hasn’t been much of the colourful stuff around for you lately has there? As fast as you make it, you spend it. Luckily Jupiter the planet of good luck moves into your money zone late October, where he finds new ways for you to make more cashola. A pay raise or unexpected cheque you weren’t expecting in November is just the beginning of a whole new financial chapter.


Virgo 2017 horoscope


Single? Your self-esteem is in overdrive all year, so it makes sense that you’ll be attracting better quality guys in 2017. You’ll meet one while out socializing/networking at a swish affair in March. If he’s a Capricorn, he’s a keeper. Venus the planet of romance in your sign late July through mid August brings more suitable suitors your way. A hot to trot Taurus is your man of choice and will keep you smiling for a long time.

Attached? Avoid power struggles over silly stuff (leaving the toilet seat up) when there is so much to be gained in your partnership this year. Renovating your home in March or making a big joint purchase in May are highlights, while in June, dealing with some negative stuff should be done as quickly as possible. November and December are happy times and if you’ve been waiting for a proposal, you won’t have to wait much longer.


Rather than working a few career angles at once, concentrate on your best assets and opportunities for advancement in 2017. And if that means working hard during the week and doing something you love to do on weekends (like charity work), so be it. Not one to hog the spotlight, you’ll be rewarded for your behind the scenes work with a chance to toot your own horn mid year.


Jupiter, the planet of good luck in your money zone through October means that a sudden promotion or new job catapults you into the next tax bracket. After October, investments made or started with a sibling pay big dividends.