Aquarius 2017 horoscope



Single? Venus in your sign for the month of February attracts plenty of admirers your way, but you’re picky. Don’t pass up a chance to snuggle up with a Libra though. Travel is the best way for you to meet someone special in 05, especially in August whilst on an overseas odyssey where you meet an easy going and independent Sagittarius.

Attached? Your relationship with your partner heats up and gets far more serious mid year. Talking about moving in together turns into trips to IKEA, and you might find yourself getting far more involved with his family and friends. Keeping a sense of self is vital – especially later in the year when you may feel overwhelmed or even trapped. Things lighten up by December, a great month for romance.


Working with and being inspired by your coworkers adds to the thrill of moving forward in leaps and bounds workwise in 05. March is dodgy – avoid signing anything important, but mid April, an office reshuffle or move sees you scoring a top job. Networking in June sets the tone for the rest of the year. Promotions galore in late October and again in December end the year on a high note.


Uranus the planet of the unexpected continues to influence the ebb and flow of money in and out of your life in 2017. Unexpected expenses mid May and again in June put a big dent in your savings. By the end of August, you’ll know what you need to do to restore the balance – out of the red and back in the black baby!

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