Cancer 2017 horoscope


Single? Venus, the planet of lurve in your sign for most of June brings with it a very suitable suitor (possible Pisces), but are you ready to settle down? While many of you nod your heads, you’ll actually have a lot of fun playing the field. Once Jupiter, the planet of excess moves into your romance zone late October, you’re over the party scene. A Scorpio will sweep you off your feet in late November and this time, you’re ready.

Attached? You really get into the whole ‘nesting’ thing in 2017, especially early on with Saturn the planet of focus in your sign. Trips to Freedom and cooking classes make you feel all grown up and committed, and many of you will buy property with your partner or get engaged – especially around October/November.


You love to be at home, so it makes sense that working from home is something you are constantly pushing for. And it could very well happen for many of you in 2017, or you could quit your 9-5 and do the ‘self-employed thing’ for a while. A creative idea you dream up (possibly with a Scorpio) in November hits pay dirt. Run with it (just don’t forget to copyright it first!).


You’re happy to make less money in 2017 as long as you feel you’re doing something you’re passionate about as well as having adequate time for ‘you’. But it will mean downsizing – less shopping and take in and more cooking at home and digging out all those clothes with labels intact shoved in the back of your closet.


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