Leo 2017 horoscope


Single? You finally get over an ex late February, and you feel far more open to dating and mating with new boys, especially late March through April, when a full on Aries you meet through a friend pays gives you all the attention you need! Mid July, Saturn, the planet of focus moves into your sign and you are totally ready for commitment. An elusive yet challenging Aquarius is the one who you want…and you’ll get him!

Attached? Babies are in your stars this year – whether you have one of your own, or simply broach the subject with your partner. You will add another member to your household in some way in 2017 – possibly a pet, housemate or relative. The most important thing is that you and your partner keep on track with your relationship, especially when things get rocky in July (power struggles galore) and again late December, with Venus retrograding in your relationship zone.


The pressures on, but so is the potential for greatness, as the planets activate your ‘special qualities’ zone. Saturn, the planet of discipline smartens your act up mid July through September 2017. If you’re ‘careerless’ right now, you won’t be for much longer. Life becomes more definite under Saturn’s stern gaze, so expect to work doubly hard, even getting a part time job (or two).


You love the glitz and the glamour, but you might have to put that aside this year and instead think real estate, savings and investments! You’ll make more money than ever this year, so don’t waste it. April is a great month to invest. Avoid getting caught up in other people’s money woes in August.


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