Libra 2017 horoscope


Single? It’s a lovefest for you ‘love to be in love’ gals, so don’t waste time on losers or unavailable men. If you’re looking to get married or settle down, this is the year you’ll find the man to do it with, as Jupiter the planet of abundance bestows gifts on you through October. July through October rocks romantically and your chances of falling head over uggs increases when you spend time with a Leo and/or an Aquarius.

Attached? You’ll know by July if your partner is ‘the one’ or not. If he is, start planning your wedding. If you realize he isn’t, move on. There is someone else out there far more suited to you. In fact, he could be a coworker or friend born under the sign of Leo.


You’re super ambitious through mid year, then it’s like someone turns off a switch and you slacken off and start feeling disenchanted with the whole climbing the corporate ladder thing. Pity, because you were doing so well! Sticking to something and seeing it through is what will bring you the ultimate success you deserve and have worked for over the past two years. Hang in there – everything pays off in November.


There hasn’t been much of the colourful stuff around for you lately has there? As fast as you make it, you spend it. Luckily Jupiter the planet of good luck moves into your money zone late October, where he finds new ways for you to make more cashola. A pay raise or unexpected cheque you weren’t expecting in November is just the beginning of a whole new financial chapter.


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