Pisces 2017 horoscope



Single? Uranus, the planet of the unexpected remains in your sign throughout 2017, so just when you start to give up on love, he’ll come walking up to you in a bar, at the supermarket or on the street. With Venus in your sign in March, you’ll meet someone worth meeting. May is another month when love is in the air – a Taurus is your purrfect match. But it’s the Scorpio you meet in November that steals your heart (maybe for good).

Attached? Mars the planet of passion in your sign in May finds you trying to ‘fix things’ in your relationship. If your partner won’t meet you halfway, you’ll retreat inward. Talking about the things that bother you all year long is a better way of living with your partner harmoniously. Taking a trip overseas together in November is just what you need to discover each other all over again.


If you’re dissatisfied at work, put more effort into your favourite hobbies (which might just become your new career by the end of the year). If you’re stuck behind a desk, consider a career in massage or rehabilitative therapy – you excel at hands on type stuff. Ask for help at work in July when you’re overwhelmed. You’re at your creative best in November.


You get an idea for a money making scheme in February, and while it takes a few months to get off the ground, it’s worth sticking with. Making money out of your hobbies is something you can do too in 2017. Set up a stand in a busy street; sell your jewellery and paintings, get involved in a theater group.

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