Sagittarius 2017 horoscope



Single? Hooking up with a friend is in the stars for you throughout 2017. April is your hottest dating time of the year, and an Aries you may already know is someone you could very happily settle with (for a while anyway). An overseas love connection midyear leaves you wondering if you should give everything up to be with him? You’ll know the answer late October, when you’re tempted by someone new.

Attached? Sharing your life with someone makes 2017 magical. You’ll flourish in a committed, happy relationship and find ways to have your independence as well as your totally together time as well. If you’ve always dreamt of the perfect home, this is the year to find it and furnish it together. Traveling overseas together will satisfy you too.


Saturn, the headmaster of the zodiac transiting your higher education zone from July 17 onwards encourages you to hit the books and find new ways to make use of your considerable talents and personality. August/September are great months to put in for a transfer – either interstate or overseas if you fancy living in another country all expenses paid.


Combining your artistic flair with a friend’s business acumen is the perfect recipe for extra cash on the side in 2017. You’ll have enough for something you’ve dreamt about for ages by the end of the year.

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