Scopio 2017 horoscope


Single? You took your love life way too seriously in 04, this year, it’s time to have fun, flirt and date. Venus introduces you to a soulful Pisces in March, and you find yourself getting in way too deep way too fast. Step back and try again in May, when you have a fling with a Capricorn and it’s perfect for what it is. Your soul mate connection happens after October, when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune smiles on you.

Attached? Sorting things out with your partner early in the year is vital. Move on and stop harping on about stuff that happened eons ago. That way, you can enjoy all the blessings Jupiter bestows when he saunters into your sign late October (where he hangs out for 12 months). If you are hoping for the patter of little feet or sound of wedding bells, November is the month to look forward to.


If you’re not really sure about ‘what you want to be when you grow up’, you’ll find out midyear, with the arrival of Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac in your career zone. Challenges at work and being forced to take on a role of greater public visibility and responsibility means that if you’re not suited to whatever it is you’re doing, you’ll quickly find out. If you are in the right gig, the sky’s the limit if you work hard and use your considerable charms to get promoted.


Think outside the box when it comes to making money in 2017 and you’ll be successful. Play it safe though – no dodgy investments or shady deals. After October 24, play lotto religiously.

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