April monthly astrology forecast

In previous months, Mars has aligned with Pluto and Saturn. In April, the conjunction alignment between Neptune and Mars takes center stage. When Mars and Neptune align, the possibilities are several. On a collective level, one of the most obvious expressions of this alignment is dealings and affairs that have a secretive, undermining quality. One, Neptune can act as the ultimate saboteur to the plans and goals associated with Mars. Thus, either through a nation’s own efforts or through the will of another, agendas and willpower can be completely sabotaged. Two, individuals who experience Neptune transiting their natal Mars often report that their will or action appears dispersed or scattered. One a collective level, the same can hold true. Large-scale endeavors may appear nebulous or simply lacking focus. Finally, Neptune-Mars aspects can engage an increased need toward action with a higher purpose, with a sense of religious or transcendental aspirations.

We cannot look at the Mars-Neptune aspect in isolation, for in reality Mars will activate the larger and more influential Jupiter-Neptune trine aspect currently active. That is, the dynamic and short-lived potentials of Mars will give a forceful albeit temporary catalyzing to the Jupiter-Neptune aspect. In recent months, the Jupiter-Neptune trine has been associated with global attempts toward peace and alliance building. In April, Mars will make the peace-loving dynamic of the Jupiter-Neptune trine that much more obvious. However, on another level, the transit will arguably destabilize or weaken national agendas-both possibilities are likely to manifest.

April and October 2005 are the months of this year that witness eclipses. April boasts two eclipses, a solar hybrid eclipse on the 8th and a lunar appulse eclipse on the 24th. As the name implies, a hybrid eclipse is a synthesis of a total and an annular eclipse, meaning, from some locations the eclipse appears to be total, in others only an annular, or penumbral eclipse. As this eclipse lands on Venus, this may very well implicate relationship issues, particularly with individuals with the Sun, Moon, or Venus in mid-to-late Aries. The lunar appulse eclipse occurring in late April occurs in the Scorpio-Taurus axis. As solar eclipses (occurring under New Moons) are typically an initiation of an experience, lunar eclipses typically are the culmination or ending of an episode or experience.

Slightly before mid-month, Saturn forms a square alignment to Venus. Although more on this alignment’s potentials is articulated in this month’s planetary cycles column, suffice it to say that this may bring relational issues to a complete head-this is only strengthened by the eclipse at mid-month. Square alignments demand resolution to issues which have been lingering or have not been adequately faced. Saturn involved in the square alignment only reinforces this tendency. This may indeed be a time when issues around values, money, and, in particular, relationships need to be faced honestly and with sobering firmness.

Although it is many years in advance, now is an opportune moment to discuss some of the possibilities and potentials of the alignments occurring at the beginning of the next decade, around 2010 and 2011. From time to time, this column and website will devote much energy to these alignments, arguably the most important alignments of the first half of the twenty first century. Without exploring the technical side of these alignments, the alignments suggest a coming to terms with many of the issues that are needing resolution on a global scale. Viewed as a gateway or threshold of energy, certain collective habits, behaviors and structures will survive, but those that are vestigial or past their expiration date will be discarded. Often it is asked if this is an inevitable process, to which one can only respond, can a baby stay in the mother’s womb after hormones are secreted to induce pregnancy?

Although these alignments will be explored in more detail at a later date, suffice it to say that the following represents a short list of the expression of the archetypal configuration:

  • A death-rebirth case scenario in which current structures and behaviors will be forcibly sent through a bottleneck of energy.
  • A psycho-spiritual compression which will induce a sense of extreme intensity and urgency.
  • A collective purgatorial catharsis in which outworn modes of collective expression will have to be negotiated.
  • A head-to-head confrontation between alliances of traditional expression with alliances of progressive or creative expression.

With five years until the beginning of these archetypal configurations, we can safely use our intuition to suggest some concrete particulars that will have to be faced at this time:

  • A need to reconcile an energy crisis catalyzed by the rapidly depleting supply of fossil fuels.
  • Financial crisis or collapse due to out-of-control and unaccounted for debts.
  • The next stage of the cycle of U.S.-world hostilities.
  • Increasing fracture of ideological positions in Western nations.
  • Increase in mega-disasters such as the most recent Tsunami.

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