• success through leadership and drive
  • methods of coping with vexations
  • caring for your appearance
  • new projects and changes


  • making decisions based on facts
  • displaying optimism and vitality
  • trying to be more likeable
  • taking hold of problems


  • arguing with those close to you
  • pushing too hard to get ahead
  • showing egotism, selfishness
  • using authority unwisely

With the Sun in your solar first house until the 21st, you’ll be focusing on personal goals. Getting more fun out of life will be a priority on the 1st, a day that favors creative interests and the enjoyment of leisure pastimes.


You may make educational or travel plans on the 11th, whereas the 16th is an excellent day for promoting yourself and your ideas. Days when you may meet with minor obstacles or delays in connection with your personal plans are the 3rd, 5th (Full Moon), 8th, and 14th. However, with Mercury, your ruler, also in your first house, your self-confidence is likely to soar in this month when you’ll realize many of your objectives. You may enthrall a captive audience with your charm and good humor on the 5th, a day for social success. Good aspects between Mercury and Jupiter on the 5th and 18th indicate you’ll have success in getting some new projects off the ground. The 8th and 14th are also days of success, happiness, and fulfillment. Don’t let success go to your head on the 12th–you could easily take on more than you can handle. On the 25th, there are indications that through the combination of inspiration and practicality you will succeed in making many of your dreams come true.

With the Sun in your second house after the 20th, your focus will be on financial interests and shopping. Choose the solar eclipse on the 21st for purchasing big-ticket items and for launching new moneymaking ventures. The 30th may bring important career developments, perhaps a raise in salary, a bonus, or a new job offer. However, you may need to guard against unwise spending on the 23rd, 24th, 27th, and 29th. With Venus in your eleventh house until the 6th, you’ll enjoy a sparkling social life and your love life will blossom. Romance will be passionate when Venus trines Mars in your seventh house on the 2nd, a day when some singles will be swept off their feet romantically. However, adverse aspects involving Venus in your twelfth house after the 5th warn against jealousy and romantic tiffs, especially on the 14th and 25th. If single, be wary of those who are already involved or who are not sincere on both the 14th and 30th.

You may formulate exciting new plans for your future that may include education or travel when Uranus in your ninth house is favorably aspected on the 15th, 17th, and 19th. Difficult aspects involving Pluto in your seventh house on the 4th, 5th, and 19th indicate the need to make some adjustments in your relationship with a loving tie.

Virgo 2017 horoscope


Single? Your self-esteem is in overdrive all year, so it makes sense that you’ll be attracting better quality guys in 2017. You’ll meet one while out socializing/networking at a swish affair in March. If he’s a Capricorn, he’s a keeper. Venus the planet of romance in your sign late July through mid August brings more suitable suitors your way. A hot to trot Taurus is your man of choice and will keep you smiling for a long time.

Attached? Avoid power struggles over silly stuff (leaving the toilet seat up) when there is so much to be gained in your partnership this year. Renovating your home in March or making a big joint purchase in May are highlights, while in June, dealing with some negative stuff should be done as quickly as possible. November and December are happy times and if you’ve been waiting for a proposal, you won’t have to wait much longer.


Rather than working a few career angles at once, concentrate on your best assets and opportunities for advancement in 2017. And if that means working hard during the week and doing something you love to do on weekends (like charity work), so be it. Not one to hog the spotlight, you’ll be rewarded for your behind the scenes work with a chance to toot your own horn mid year.


Jupiter, the planet of good luck in your money zone through October means that a sudden promotion or new job catapults you into the next tax bracket. After October, investments made or started with a sibling pay big dividends.